2021 – leveraging the momentum for positive change

The year 2020 presented the world with unprecented challenges. But enough has been written about that elsewhere already and instead of dwelling on the sad repercussions, I want to take a moment to shift towards the optimistic.

From a business and branding point of view, it is fascinating to observe how crisis inspires innovation, creativity, and adaptability and how it rewards determination, drive and passion. Home office has become possible faster than ever imagined, online education is finally taking a step up, ecommerce is booming and online meetings (and workshops) have improved meeting etiquette, punctuality, participation and results (at least in my experience).

A moment of crisis is always a moment of truth – after all, authenticity is defined as keeping to your values in the face of adversity. This is the moment of truth for brands – an opportunity to show what they are really made of, to show that they mean what they promise and to show that they see themselves as part of this global community (which comes with a certain responsibility).

So, let’s make the best of 2021 – let’s use the momentum for positive change, for simplification, for transparency, for chucking out all that weighs us down and holds us back. To a happy, healthy, prosperous 2021.