About Us

Dr. Claudia Fisher

Claudia  is the founder and managing director of Lemontree. She is a seasoned brand strategist and business coach and has been advising companies all over the world on high profile marketing and brand strategy issues.

Claudia started her consulting career with the Mitchell Madison Group in London, UK, then worked for the London office of Prophet, a leading brand strategy consulting firm founded by David Aaker. In 2003 Claudia set up Lemontree Brand Strategy, then in Dublin / Ireland. She has established a network of hand-picked brand and marketing experts to help deliver large scale projects on a global basis.

Claudia holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, is a Fulbright Scholar and holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Innsbruck, Austria.


Our Philosophy

Lemontree combines fresh ideas with tons of experience. We love our work – something our clients never fail to notice. We are guided by the following principles

●  Use your intuition, but not at the expense of rigorous analysis

●  Leverage intellectual curiosity and keep challenging the status quo to keep the thinking fresh

●  Say what you think even if it is challenging at times (it has always been appreciated in the end)

●  Facilitate active collaboration with the project team

●  Create work that has impact – no copy and paste

●  Focus on practical solutions with genuine transformation potential