Branding Solutions

Lemontree is a boutique brand strategy consulting firm based in Munich. We offer deep business and brand expertise coupled with pedigree experience allowing us to quickly get to the heart of the challenges your brand is facing. We will work with you and your team to  design and implement effective, business driven, future-proof brand strategy.

Brand architecture and portfolio strategy is our core competence – and a skill that is not so commonly available. We can bring clarity and structure to your brand portfolio and address all related brand strategy questions, from M&A related issues down to product naming. Naturally, Lemontree can competently advise you across the entire spectrum of brand strategy elements, from brand-driven growth strategies to employee engagement, from guide line development to social media approaches. We have extensive experience particularly in the B2B segment.

Whether you are a CMO, Head of Branding or Marketing Specialist – you will be striving to make your brand successful. But what does that mean?

Successful brands